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If you're able to see your Wi-Fi network listed in the Google Home app during setup, but you can't connect your Chromecast or Chromecast built-in device to the network and complete the setup process, try these steps. Initial checklist. Chromecast is powered on and plugged into a wall outlet. The LED light on the side of the Chromecast device is white. Make sure you're using the correct. Chromecast and Chromecast Audio devices can only remember one Wi-Fi network at a time. If you changed your Wi-Fi network and your device isn't currently connected to a Wi-Fi network, skip the steps below and set up your Chromecast or Chromecast Audio on the new network.. If your Chromecast or Chromecast Audio is connected to an existing Wi-Fi network, but you would like to connect it to a new. 2. If you change your existing WiFi's password or username, Chromecast won't recognize your WiFi network, so you need to follow the Chromecast setup procedure. 3. If your Chromecast is reconnected to an existing WiFi network and you want to connect it to a new one, the following steps will be useful Chromecast won't connect to new wifi 0 Recommended Answers 1 Reply 9 Upvotes. I recently moved houses and tried setting my Chromecast on my new WiFi, downloaded the most recent version of the google home app. Every step of the set up goes fine, it says ready to cast and starts displaying random screensaver images from google as it always has done. However when I try to cast from an app or.

I can't establish a Wi-Fi connection to my Chromecast

  1. Connect Chromecast to Hotel Wifi WITHOUT Second Phone or Laptop (Galaxy S7 / S8 / S9 Required) - Duration: 6:12. Hints Tips N Tricks 67,388 views. 6:12
  2. Turn the BlueTooth on your phone off, connect to the wifi named Chromecast #### and then open the google home app. It will ask you what home, select your home and then it should begin to walk you through the setup. If there is no large button, try looking for a little hole that may have a button inside of it, the factory reset button may require like a pin or needle for you to push into the.
  3. ute before trying to connect your Chromecast again. Chromecast Setup Fix #5: Factory Data.
  4. My Chromecast won't connect to any WiFi network. Hello! After buying my first TV last week I thought about getting a Chromecast and bought one today to use it for Netflix instead of watching that on my computer. Anyway, plugged it in, downloaded the app, and tried to set it up, but it always fails me at the step where I have to connect it to my WiFi network. Connection problem during Setup.
  5. I'm not sure why I can't connect to my WiFi network I'm seeing Tell us more about where you're having trouble My Chromecast won't fit in my TV's HDMI input My Chromecast is all connected but I'm not seeing anything displayed on my TV. I'm having trouble setting up my Chromecast using an HDMI converter or HDMI input on a device other than my display (e.g. Audio/Video receiver) I need help.

To change Chromecast WiFi network, Chromecast must be on and connected to a WiFi network. If you do not want to watch the changes on TV (you can always see it on your mobile devices), you do NOT need to power on the TV. Step 1: Start Chromecast App on mobile device. To manage the WiFi network for Chromecast devices from a mobile device, you have to start Chromecast App in your mobile device. When you turn a laptop or mobile device into a hotspot that's connected to the internet, the Chromecast can connect to it just like your home network, because there's no welcome page needed. Any other device (mobile or laptop) connected to the same hotspot can stream to the Chromecast in the same way it does over a network at home. First, connect your laptop to the hotel Wi-Fi as you normally.

Meanwhile, you app data won't be deleted at all. Thus don't be worried to do so. With your Chromecast plugged into the TV, hold down the button on the side of the Chromecast. Its LED light will begin blinking orange. When the LED light turns white, or your TV screen goes blank, release the button. Then your Chrome will begin the reboot sequence. Solution 2. Change your Wi-Fi channel. Chromecast won't connect to wifi - finally found the fix. Updated on Wednesday, February 22, 2017. I've struggled for a while with Chromecast. The idea is great. I love using my phone rather than a remote. I like the idea of being able to cast any screen or browser tab in principle (in practice I think I've only done this once). I like the nice curated background pictures and that I could get. If your computer and your Chromecast are both on the same WiFi you should (hopefully) now be able to cast. SECOND METHOD TO FIX CHROMECAST: Sometimes it's an extension in chrome browser

Change the Wi-Fi network of Chromecast or Chromecast Audi

This is how to fix ALL errors related to pairing with Google Chromecast 1st gen, google chrome cast 2nd, google audio, google ultra. STEPS: 1) hold down button for 25-30 seconds 2) download google. How to Connect Google Chromecast - Duration: 5:00. Reviews.org 228,511 views. 5:00 . How To Fix Almost All Roku TV Issues/Problems in Just 3 Steps - Roku Not Working Restart Update - Duration: 3. If Chromecast won't connect to the wifi network and during setup you get no Chromecast detected, then the issue is related to the connection between your computer and Chromecast. Try the following: Try rebooting your computer; Try connecting via a 5Ghz connection instead of 2.4Ghz, or vice versa; Try moving your computer closer to your Chromecast ; Try running setup from another computer; If. Disclaimer: Boring video of me trying to connect my chromecast onto a different wireless network without factory restting the chromecast device. This is a very lame video, but if it helps, great.

How to Set Up Chromecast WiFi. This wikiHow teaches you how to set up Wi-Fi for your Chromecast. You can only do this using Google Home on a phone or tablet—setting up Chromecast Wi-Fi is no longer supported on a computer. Plug in your C.. Many users are having issues connecting their Chromecast 2 to their 5ghz WiFi network. One of the major selling point for the next generation Chromecast is that it supports both 2.4 and 5GHz. If you mix up the two during setup or streaming, you will not be able to connect. Google has several recommendations. First, make sure you are on the same network from the device you are using to setup. 1 How to use chromecast without wireless WiFi router is to factory reset chromecast by holding button for 7 seconds. 2 select a phone to setup as a Hotspot acting like a wifi network, turn off. Chromecast won't connect. My new Chromecast5621 won't connect to my personal network, any ideas? Info: I received this yesterday, and I was pretty excited to see what it could do, I had it shipped to a family member's house since my current living situation isn't exactly great for receiving packages; long story short, while I was there, I plugged it into a TV, randomly, and set it up to test.

How to Connect Chromecast to WiFi [Guide 2020

We're covering the basics of how to connect your Google Chromecast using your mobile device. Follow these simple steps to get your Chromecast set up Chromecast won't connect even though it's on wifi. My Chromecast has worked perfectly fine for as long as I've had it but recently the apartment complex that I live in has changed the wifi. We're no longer allowed to have our own routers and now have to use the wifi they provide for us. It works completely fine and doesn't go out, but now I can't get my phone to detect my Chromecast for the.

Chromecast destroys my Wi-Fi signal, won't connect. Please help! Ok, so I got my chromecast about a week ago and every time I try to connect it to the wifi, it kills the signal and I have to reset the router. By kills I mean the network signal changes to an insecure network with no little lock icon next to it, and then stops loading any pages, etc. And if the product is still plugged in when. Read also: What to do if your phone won't connect to Wi-Fi. Another potential cause of poor connectivity is the location of the Chromecast behind your television. The device is nicely hidden. Through your phone you can tell the Chromecast the Wi-Fi network to connect to, and the password to get on to it, if required. The Chromecast connects directly to the web and can get streaming as. Win10 PC won't pair to chromecast The chromecast device is available for pairing, but it doesn't connect and just tellsme to try again. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have the same question (41) Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe to RSS feed; Replies (4) EA. Erika Aro. Microsoft Agent | Moderator Replied on November 11. Hi, I have a R7800 router with firmware version V1.0.2.60 in AP mode. Now the Google Chromecast (second generation) won't connect to the wifi of the R7800 anymore. When I change the R7800 back into router mode the Chromecast can connect. Please advise how to connect the Chromecast to the R7800 i..

It your Google Chromecast streaming device won't connect to WiFi, you can troubleshoot this issue every time it happens. Or solve the issue once and for all with . Can't connect to Wi-Fi 1 Recommended Answer 7 Replies 190 Upvotes Try Chromecast on the SAME 2.4 Tells me csnt connect to wifi. Before your throw your Chromecast out the minute before trying to connect your Chromecast or. I have a 2nd/3rd gen (I cant tell exactly, they both have the same puck shape) Chromecast that I'm trying to connect to my WiFi. I connected my phone to the Chromecast network, opened Google Home, got the Chromecast found screen, hit the yes button, it thinks for a bit, then it goes back to the Chromecast found screen and just sits there Turn on your TV and switch to the input for the Chromecast If you do not see the Chromecast home-screen, double check that it is plugged in to the proper HDMI port, and powered properly If your Chromecast is successfully connected to a network, you should see the name of the network in the lower-left corner of the home-screen. Ex: 'Acme-Net 2.4

Chromecast won't connect to new wifi - Chromecast Communit

Chromecast won't connect... Announcements. Give Dad something that really wows him from our Father's Day gift guide! spike4. Contributor • 3 Messages. Wed, Oct 1, 2014 12:38 AM. Chromecast won't connect... I have an Arris NVG589 and an Apple Time Capsule in bridge mode. I had a 2WIRE with this same Time Capsule, and my Chromecast connected without an issue. Since the router was changed. Just pop the Chromecast into the back of the hotel TV; it will find your computer's Connectify Hotspot and join automatically. Once the video streams to your PC over the hotel Wi-Fi, your PC can send the video straight over the Connectify Hotspot Wi-Fi network to the Chromecast Just keep in mind that if you're using a 4K-compatible Chromecast Ultra, you'll need to connect the adapter to an outlet; a USB port doesn't supply enough power to sustain it. 2. Download. We have tested the Chromecast 2 with other Access Point at the lab, with the same SSID configuration, and it works fine (the SSID is both WPA & WPA2, with pre-shared key, and both 2,4 & 5 GHz). So the Chromecast 1 already connected to the network is working fine, but the new Chromecast 2 won't connect to WiFi at any of the IAPs

Fix Chromecast Can't Connect to Wifi - YouTub

If you have been trying to set-up your Chromecast but are being harassed by a we weren't able to discover your Chromecast on the network. This may require a small change to your WiFi router settings message on the Google Cast App; there is a possible solution Chromecast Won't Connect to WiFi? Troubleshoot and Fix It April 4, 2019. Search. View All Posts. New Connectify 2020.1 Now Available March 30, 2020. Introducing Connectify Hotspot 2020 - Now Featuring Dark Mode March 10, 2020. More Efficient and Trimmed Down: New Connectify Hotspot 2019 Is Here! January 22, 2019 . New Release: Connectify Hotspot 2018.4.1 June 1, 2018. May 2018: Connectify.

Connecting Chromecast to a new WiFi - Chromecast Communit

Chromecast Not Working: 8 Simple Fixes WhistleOu

  1. To connect your computer to your Chromecast try this: Verify that bother your PC or Mac are on the same wifi network as your Chromecast Using the Chrome browser click on the menu option in the.
  2. After tapping set up, your Android device will try to connect to Chromecast Audio through WiFi Direct. It is not necessary to manually enable WiFi direct on your Android device because Chromecast App will do this automatically for you. You will see the following message on the screen as shown below: Connecting to ChromecastAudioXXXX. XXXX is 4 digit random number for your Chromecast Audio.
  3. I have connected the Chromecast with the SSID braodcasting, then hide it and the Chromecast wont connect again. Again, with my old router it would. Again, with my old router it would. Seems that every time I read a thread around this topic everyone's first suggestion is to broadcast the SSID, but I would like to actually see if there is a way that the r7000 will do what I want
  4. LD there could be any number of things effecting your Chromecast, but NBN as such wouldn't be one of them. Chromnecast depends on a 2.4 ghz WiFi connection. As long as you've got your regular internet connection and a reliable WiFi hookup to that for the Chromecast you shouldn't be getting any problems
  5. I was happy. Used the chromecast app on my phone for set up. Now getting a message that chromecast is connected to my wifi but it can't access the internet. My wifi is working and I have an internet connection on my PC and my phone. The chromecast app won't let me rerun as instructed to choose a different network, as if what I have is at fault. What gives???? 6/30/14. Jacky H. Hi Everyone, Can.
  6. If your phone is connected to the new network, in the Google Home app on your phone, you call find any nearby Chromecast devices that are not connected to any WiFi network. Then set it up following the guidance. Alternatively, you can reset Chromecast as explained in this guide. Then you can set it up as a new device
  7. Connect the Micro-USB power cord to the Chromecast. Enable Wi-Fi on your smartphone and download the Chromecast app for your iPhone or Android device. Open the app and (as long as Wi-Fi is enabled.

My Chromecast won't connect to any WiFi network : Chromecast

Connect your computer to the same Wi-Fi as Chromecast. Make sure your computer and your Chromecast device are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If you connect to different networks, you won't be able to cast content from your computer to Chromecast The Chromecast is a small but mighty media streamer, so it seems like the perfect travel companion. Unfortunately, getting it working on a hotel TV isn't always as easy as using it at home. We. Switch Chromecast to Another WiFi Network. As mentioned above, changing the WiFi Network on Chromecast is easy when your existing network is still active. In this case, you are basically switching Chromecast from one network to another. 1. Start the TV to which your Chromecast is connected and make sure that Chromecast is powered on. 2 In the realm of streaming HDMI sticks the ease of use and application integration the Google Chromecast enjoys is as-of-yet unparalleled. We loved it when we reviewed it back in 2013, and we still love it.That said, the user experience of the Chromecast usually falls into two distinct categories: unbelievably easy to setup and use or very frustrating

If you notice Google Home connection problems while you're doing other network related tasks like downloading movies to your computer, streaming music to your Chromecast, playing video games, etc., pause those activities or consider only doing them when you won't be using your Google Home Netflix Won't Connect to Chromecast: 5 Easy Fixes: TV with 1 HDMI and connecting Chromecast and Home theatre at the same time: How can I connect to Chromecast without wifi: How do I connect Chromecast to my HD TV and get audio: Connecting TV, Set Top Box, Home Theatre, ChromeCast and Hard Disk together: I plugged in the Chromecast unit into my TV's HDMI 1 port and plugged in the power cord. Chromecast receives data over your WiFi network from your connected laptop, PC, or mobile device to display movies, photos, media apps, or your device's screen. If you're watching a YouTube video on your laptop and want to show it off on your family's TV, you can connect to the Chromecast and project the video to everyone. In essence, it makes your connected monitor or TV a mirror. I have an Actiontec C1000 gateway. Couldnt connect Chromecast, Called Century they were (as usual) useless. Then called Actiontec, the support gal bluntly said that none of their products support Chromecast. So this is how I made it work. type the url 192.168..1 in your web browser open the router page then go to Advanced setting

Troubleshoot an issue - Chromecast Hel

I purchased a Chromecast device. It won't connect to my wifi network and my Android device. My Rogers router is a Cisco DPC3825 Chromcast support says that I have to change a router setting so that AP Isolation is Disabled. When I go into the router settings I can't see how to do this? Any ide.. Once you accept the terms, the webpage will start searching for available Chromecast devices connected to your WiFi Network (See image below). Note: If your Computer cannot Find the Chromecast device, try switching the WiFi Network on your Computer from 2.4 to 5 GHz or vice versa. 8. On the next screen, click on Set Me Up button. 9. Next, click on the WiFi icon located to at the right corner.

To set up Chromecast without WiFi via Ethernet cable the only thing you have to do is just connect the included USB cable from the Ethernet adapter to the Chromecast, and then run an Ethernet cable from the Ethernet adapter to your router. The adapter itself will need to be plugged into a power socket as well. Once all these are done, the ChromeCast device will automatically be set up to use. Now the Google Chromecast (second generation) won't connect to the wifi of the R7800 anymore. When I change the R7800 back into router mode the Chromecast can connect Problem #1: Galaxy S9 wifi won't allow internet connection, can't cast to Chromecast. I have a new Samsung Galaxy S9. I am trying to connect to my home wifi. it shows as trying to.

How to change Chromecast WiFi network? - All About Chromecast

why won't chromecast connect to wifi. Kategoriat vaasa elokuvat Avainsanat chromecast wifi hotspot, how to connect chromecast to different wifi, how to connect chromecast to wifi, set up chromecast wifi, why won't chromecast connect to wifi Artikkelien selaus. Kyllästynyt. Kobras. Haku: Viimeisimmät artikkelit . Nudistit Suomessa; Andrea Espada; Lainakengissä; Hot Teen Girl; End Of The F. Won't connect to Chromecast. Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gimmick_User, Dec 14, 2015. Gimmick_User Newbie. Thread Starter. I plan on getting this phone the first week of January, but I know of a coule peole having issues with connecting this with Chromecast. I use my Galaxy S5 along with wifi and the Kodi app streaming to my projector via Chromecast for my entertainment purposes. But you must connect your Chromecast to WiFi first, and set it up with your devices. How will you do that? First, let's start with how Chromecast is. How does it work? Let's assume you didn't know, Chromecast simply streams videos or audios from the internet to a TV. The videos are controlled from a mobile phone, a tablet, a personal computer, or any other device that supports the. Worry not as this tutorial will help you fix Chromecast won't connect to Wifi or keeps disconnecting from Wifi issues through step by step guide. What is Chromecast? Chromecast is a device manufactured by google that facilitates its users in term of playing online content which can be videos or music on smart TV. The device is easy to setup, you can simply grab it and switch it to the HDMI.

How to Connect Chromecast To Hotel Wi-Fi

  1. First of all, disconnect your Chromecast dongle from your TV so that it's no longer connected to your phone or tablet. After that, access your device's accessibility settings. On both Android and..
  2. I haven't changed any wifi router settings from the time I left home to wait in line 4 hours to get this new iPhone 6... and now I get home and it won't connect to my WiFi. It sees the SSID (i have two, 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz), but it always says the wireless password is wrong. Cannot connect, wrong password. The password is 100% correct. It's the same PW my iPad is using to connect, and that works.
  3. set up chromecast wifi The Connectify Hotspot software app allows you to share your Windows laptop's wifi connection with your other devices.This makes it the perfect solution when Chromecast won't connect to WiFi. That's because you can use your Connectify Hotspot as a middleman for the Chromecast
  4. I am having the same problem but it won't connect to my network / wifi hotspot on my cell phone, is there something else I need to do. It goes through all the motions of connecting right down to.

[Solved] Chromecast Not Connecting

Check that your Chromecast is connected to your Wi-Fi router network. Turn off the Wi-Fi router completely (this is most probably the reason you are using the hotspot in the first place). Turn ON the Wi-Fi hotspot on the cast device. Go to the Google Home app on the cast device and cast to Chromecast It's a Gateway SX2802 running Windows 7 Home Premium connected to the internet via a wired connection to a DSL broadband router. The error message is your Wi-Fi is off Wi-Fi needs to be turned on for the Chromecast App to work. The wi-fi is on and I'm able to connect with my tablets, laptop and phone. I hope you can help me now

So I set up the camera via the kasa app and it's connected to my wifi network and is viewable on the kasa app I went to the google home app and added the tp-link kasa extension and added the camera to my Google home When I tell Goo . SOHO Community. Home. Forums Stories. Knowledge Base Log In Register. TP-Link SOHO Community > Cloud Cameras > KC-120 won't connect to chromecast < Cloud. Won't connect to Chromecast; Announcements. Get to the head of the class with our Back to School deals! Lana712. Contributor • 2 Messages. Fri, Mar 16, 2018 1:10 PM. Won't connect to Chromecast. Directv Now is not connecting to either of my tv's with Chromecast. I have rebooted my wireless, Chromecasts and reinstalled the app. Is there a problem that I am not aware of happening with. Chromecast won't connect to router or phone hotspot wireless AP. 17 posts Thanks Meter: 2 . By phanboy4, Junior Member on 30th July 2013, 07:34 PM Post Reply Email Thread. Page 2 of 2 1 2. calypsoe36. 31st July 2013, 05:06 PM | #11 Junior Member. Thanks Meter: 0 . More . Quote: Originally Posted by phanboy4. Ok, solved this one for my issue but it's router specific. If you have a Netgear. Now my ChromeCast won't connect to our WiFi. I talked to a CC customer service rep and they said it was an issue with the router. The router is an Actiontec MI424WR and my CC is a 1st gen. I found somebody else with the same problem and they told me that they fixed it by going t The older Chromecast will only work on the 2.4GHz WiFi band, so if your iPhone and iPad are connected at 5GHz they won't be able to connect to your Chromecast while perhaps your Android work phone..

Chromecast keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi: A reboot guide

Chromecast won't connect to wifi - finally found the fi

Home Topics Technology & Internet Consumer Electronics Android Devices Chromecast won't connect to WiFi Notices Welcome to Boards.ie; here are some tips and tricks to help you get started. Boards.ie is a discussion board with a wide range of forums, including - but. On Amazon Firestick, press and hold the Home button on the remote. It will open the Quick Access menu, choose Mirroring on the TV screen. Like Chromecast, you need to connect the casting device and Firestick to the same WiFi network. Mirroring is not available on Firestick 3rd Gen

Why won't Chromecast Connect? INSTANTLY force Chromecast

Making sure i am on the same wifi network as i have set up on the chromecast audio. Sometimes i find i just have to relaunch the spotify app on my phone after changing to the correct wifi network. Also, Note apple users on mac: if you want to connect to chromecast audio wirelessly on MacOS then you need to be in Spotify's web player to have this festure work, and NOT in the desktop app. The. The 5Ghz broadcast name ends in a '-5G' It looks like there is an issue with Chromecast compatibility with the new 5Ghz WiFi connections. So you may need to try and connect to the regular WiFi signal. Here is one thread from the Google products forum which mentions it A Chromecast will see a network (as you are seeing it registering in the Sky hub) , but it can only be setup to connect to one wifi network at a time and it will be holding your previous wifi credentials.. You will need to do a Forget Network of the Chromecast via the Google Home app. Follow the instructions from Google here

Google Home, Chromecast disconnects from WiFi after lastGoogle Chromecast is a $35 Device which brings InternetBuy Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player Online

Video: How to FIX all Google Chromecast ERRORs! Factory Reset

- If you do not have access to your router settings, or if you are attempting to connect theough a guest, hotel or public network with AP/client isolation, you will be unable to set up your Chromecast. - If you are attempting to connect through a wi-fi extender, please check your extender settings I assume that the Cox WiFi you are asking about is one that allows you to sign in with a username and password through WiFi hotspots around the country, and not when you are at home using your own home WiFi. This won't work for two reasons: 1) As you have already discovered you cannot log in to a hotspot with the Chromecast dongle How to connect Chromecast to WiFI? I cannot get my Google... I cannot get my Google Chrome cast to work with my WiFi. I have tried to setup it up, the network would pick it up, but my personal WiFi stops working. It shows up as a Chrome Cast connection, but this doesn't work. Basically, it replaces my home WiFi. When I turn off the Chrome Cast, I reset my router, then my home WiFi will work. Chromecast Won't Connect to WiFi? Troubleshoot and Fix It. Cristian Miculi أبريل 4, 2019 How To, Virtual Router. Everybody's favorite streaming device, Google Chromecast, allows you to enjoy every streaming content you can think of. From Netflix and Read More. How to Setup MyHotspot to Share Internet via WiFi from a PC. Cristian Miculi مارس 18, 2019 How To, Share Internet.

Try to connect another device to the wireless network. If that device can use the web when connected to Wi-Fi, the problem is with your Chromebook. If not, the router may be at fault Samsung tv is connected to wifi Netflix won't connect . 0 helpstar Splendid. Dec 25, 2012 2,995 100 24,290 413. Aug 3, 2018 #2 update netflix app and firmware of the TV can you use other online apps with your TV? 0 P. purplewizzywiz. Jul 31, 2018 2 0 10 0. Aug 3, 2018 #3 helpstar : update netflix app and firmware of the TV can you use other online apps with your TV? No I can't all updates. My chromecast has been working fine since they first came out - maybe 2 years and now it won't connect to my router. It is almost certainly the latest firmware 38401 causing the problem as nothing else has changed. I have tried reboots on every device involved and factory reset the chromecast. Nothing works for more than secs, then the router connection is lost That send to be the biggest problem here. When I turn off UPnP, my phone can see the Chromecast but can't connect to it. That finally got me to unplug the Chromecast and stop using it. [URL removed The problem is that when the local wifi is on from the chromecast and your iphone is connected to that wifi it will stop the Hotspot feature. Because of that the chromecast won't see the iphone's Hotspot for the connection. Do you have another phone at home? If yes then use the second phone to setup the chromecast and keep the iphone's hotspot going. _____ I'm a Yes Crowd Champion (not an.

One good or sometimes bad thing about Chromecast is that it can be controlled using any Android connected to the same WiFi network. If someone casts content using the Chromecast device, controls. That, or you can slap your Chromecast on your guest network and never share the guest network's wifi password. You'll have to connect to the network to cast media to whatever your Chromecast is.. Same issue here, cannot connect to my Chromecast Audio nor my Chromecast Video. Other apps can connect and play audio and/or video. Tried both my Android devices, rebooted router and Chromecast, cleared app caches and even reinstalled apps on both devices,to no avail. Please fix this ASAP

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